Venture Captain, Troy SchnackFrom the QC Pathfinder Lodge Venture Captain, Troy Schnack:

Exciting news QC Pathfinders!!! In case you missed it…this.
And as always we are on the cutting edge of PFS developments and I have already secured RSP for Games +1! Long story short as a player you now have a chance to earn a player boon by attending weekly pfs simply by showing up, just like if you had gone to a convention. But wait….there’s more….You can also earn a RACE boon simply by GMing games. GM the equivalent of 12 scenarios (starting monday the 20th) and you earn a Skinwalker boon! The Skinwalker has only been available to tier 2 Gen Con volunteers up to this point. GM 24 Scenarios and you get to give someone else a Skinwalker boon! GM’s will now receive a card that will be signed off on by a VO confirming that they ran an event at a RSP qualified location. I will of course proudly hand over a card upon request.

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