Commander League


What is Commander League?

Commander League is a weekly event hosted by Games +1 in which players will match off 1-on-1 in unsanctioned, modified games of Commander. Commander League is not an official Wizards of the Coast event.

How are they modified? Any card Wizards of the Coast has banned in Commander is still banned, but some other cards have been given point values by Games +1 staff. Each player is allowed up to 10 points worth of "Pointed Cards" in their deck, and are allowed any other cards that would normally be allowed, but no others from the "Pointed Cards List". So for example, a player can have Memory Jar (6 points) and Sensei's Diving Top (3 points), but adding Mana Crypt (2 points) would not be allowed because that would be 11 points, 1 point too many.

Players will register their deck lists with Games +1, and must play the registered deck list through the entire month unless a card is banned or "pointed" during that time and a modification of the deck is then required.

Players then will face off one-on-one against each other member of the league during each event (games take on average 20-30 minutes). Players earn points for victories, and at the end of the month, prizes are awarded to the top players!

Players interested in participating in Commander League events need only come to Games +1 on any Wednesday night to join in. Entry fee is only $5 a month and covers the room fee for each Commander League event held that month.

Pointed Card List:

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