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From Wizards of the Coast:
"This is a story about desire. It is desire for power, desire for companionship, desire for approval, desire for discovery, and everyone is racing to get what they want first. For centuries, the untamed jungles of Ixalan have hidden a coveted secret: Orazca, the city of gold, which houses a mysterious artifact, the Immortal Sun. But no secret can remain undiscovered, and no treasure can be taken uncontested. The dinosaur riding warriors of the Sun Empire and the merfolk shamans of the rival River Heralds are met by the vampire conquistadores of the Legion of Dusk and the pirates of the Brazen Coalition.

Vraska poses as a pirate on the high seas, while Jace Beleren is stranded on the plane with loss of all his memories."

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From Wizards of the Coast:
"Unleash your end game. As promised, the God-Pharaoh has returned. Unfortunately, the promise of a glorious afterlife wasn't quite what everyone thought it was. Nicol Bolas has come to claim his perfect Zombie army, the Eternals. The Gatewatch is easily defeated. Samut's planeswalker's spark is ignited."


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From Wizards of the Coast:
"The desert oasis of Amonkhet forges warriors. You have trained your entire life for a chance to face the Trials of the Five Gods and join the elite ranks of the Worthy. Using your strength, speed, and cunning, overcome deadly challenges and rise above the competition to claim an honored place in the Afterlife!"

Products Currently Available:

  • Unstable
  • Ixalan
  • Hour of Devastation
  • Amonkhet
  • Aether Revolt
  • Kaladesh
  • Iconic Masters
  • From the Vault: Transform
  • From the Vault: Lore
  • From the Vault: Realms
  • From the Vault: Annihilation
  • Conspiracy 2
  • Eternal Masters
  • Planechase Anthology

Products Available Soon:

  • Rivals of Ixalan
  • Masters 25
  • Dominaria
  • Core Set 2019


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